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Adminimizer Toolbar
  Price: $295 (free 60-day demo)
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Added: Wed Mar 09 2005
Updated: Mon Oct 27 2008
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer


The Adminimimzer Toolbar makes traditional admin tools obsolete. Actually, a site that uses the Adminimizer Toolbar doesn't even need a seperate Administration section, the content is edited by authorized users right on the display page-- the browser is the editor. If you have Internet Explorer 6 installed try it out here.

Here's what it can do for you:

  • Allow a user to edit web content right on the web page where it appears.
  • Edit content on ANY type of web page (.html, .asp, .psp. jsp.....).
  • No server components required and it will run on any web server.
  • You can make an existing HTML page completely editable in less than 5 minutes.
  • Allow the developer to control exactly what content is editable.
  • Control which styles, fonts and colors are available to the end user.
  • Control the tooltips and the text the user sees.

Control the feature set available to the user. (tables, font colors, font faces, spell checking, alignment,CSS styles, images... and many more) Yeah, right.

Well, it's true! What we've done is build a browser plug-in that uses some of the new features in Internet Explorer 6. The result is a really, really cool and EASY way to maintain web content. If you have IE 6 installed try it out for yourself here.

The Adminimizer Toolbar is an entirely new way to create and manage content on web sites. Check out our screen shots. And check out the DEMO or download the SDK and set it up on your own site. As the name implies, the main functionality is provided by a toolbar which plugs into Internet Explorer 6.0. The toolbar allows users to easily edit and save toolbar enabled pages without ever leaving the browser (enabling pages is easy, and it is explained below). They can browse to a page and edit it all in a familiar WYSIWYG environment. When the user presses the "save" button their content is submitted to the server. The beauty of the Adminimizer Toolbar is that any server that supports scripting can be used, and no server components are required. The toolbar currently ships with ASP scripts, however, scripts written in any language will work. All the scripts need to be able to do is retrieve form data and have permission to write to a database or disk.

  • Rich Document Editing
  • Seamless integration into existing websites.
  • Allows copy/paste from Microsoft Office Products while maintaining formatting in the resulting HTML page
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy updates
  • Advanced text formatting
  • Support for custom styles and style sheet documents
  • Spell checking
  • Table insertion
  • HTML source editing
  • Customizable interface


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