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Added: Thu Mar 10 2005
Updated: Tue Mar 15 2005
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5+

Description: Xopus is a browser based validating in-place wysiwyg XML editor.

XML: User Friendly Editing
With Xopus common users can edit heavy structured XML documents or data. He or she will not notice this, as the experience feels like using an unstructured word processor.

Xopus uses XSLT stylesheets to transform the XML to a user presentable wysiwyg view. The user can edit in this wysiwyg view as if it were a common word processor. All changes are automatically stored in the XML. The XML remains completely separated from the presentation.

XSD: Prevalidating
An XML Schema is used to preserve XML validity. Xopus also uses the XML Schema to guide the user while editing.

Potential actions are validated on the fly. Actions that would render the document invalid are disabled.

Why Xopus?
Xopus can solve many of your XML authoring problems as well as reduce your TCO.

User Guidance
Xopus hides technical complexity where possible and uses advanced algorithms to aid the user while editing. This allows users to complete more complex tasks without additional education.

Browser Based
Xopus runs on any computer with an up-to-date web browser. This allows for easy deployability as well as maintainance.

Standards Compliant
Xopus supports Open Standards where applicable. This makes Xopus a future proof choice by preventing vendor lock-in. Xopus stimulates reuse; files used by Xopus can be used elsewhere and vice versa.


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