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XStandard XHTML (Strict or 1.1) WYSIWYG Editor
  Price: Lite: Free / Pro: $199+
  Rating: 6.33 (30 votes)   Rate It!  
Publisher: Belus Technology Inc.
Version: 2.0
Added: Mon Mar 14 2005
Updated: Fri Apr 05 2013
Supported browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera


Unlike most WYSIWYG editors, XStandard is not a wrapper built around the HTML editor found in most browsers. Instead, XStandard is built from the ground up as a genuine XHTML editor that directly generates true XHTML Strict / 1.1. XStandard also uses only external CSS for formatting, ensuring the clean separation of data from presentation.

XStandard Overview:

  • Plugs into browser-based content management solutions (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera) on Windows and OS X
  • Can be used in desktop applications build using Visual Studio .NET, VB6, Visual C++ and MS Access
  • Generates clean, standards-compliant XHTML Strict or 1.1 markup that meets the most demanding accessibility requirements
  • Uses only external CSS for formatting
  • Supports almost all CSS 2.1 selectors
  • Cleanly separates data from presentation, making content easier to re-purpose
  • Loads in less than half a second
  • Makes applying accurate formatting easy, using "friendly" style names ("Promo", "Description", etc.)
  • Manages content in any language
  • Has powerful editing features: drag & drop file upload, importing 3rd-party content, custom tags, content locking, support for subdocuments, spell checking, etc.
  • Has advanced accessibility support for images and tables
  • The only editor that can author definitions list
  • Colorized View Source
  • A fully customizable toolbar
  • A rich API for extending the editor's functionality

The Lite version of XStandard is free, has 90% of the functionality of the Pro version, and can be used in commercial applications. There's simply no reason not to use a standards-compliant editing solution!

See full listing of XStandard's features

Download XStandard


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