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  Price: $49 and up
  Rating: 4.00 (7 votes)   Rate It!  
Publisher: SiteObjects
Version: 2.5
Added: Mon Mar 14 2005
Updated: Sat Jun 28 2008
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 5+

Description: soEditor turns an ordinary <textarea> form field into a dynamic WYSIWYG browser-based HTML editor. Both the Pro and Lite versions of soEditor add comprehensive word processor-like features to your web sites and web applications. soEditor makes it possible for anyone to create, edit and maintain web content without the need for HTML knowledge or programming expertise.

Easy Integration
Installation of soEditor takes just a few minutes. Easily integrate soEditor into web sites and web applications by replacing a normal <textarea> field with a simple call to soEditor.

Simple WYSIWYG Editing
soEditor looks and feels like most word-processor applications. It's familiar interface enables most users to begin using it immediately with no training.

Fully Customizable
The toolbars in soEditor are fully customizable. You can enable/disable every single icon and function. The online help window also customizes itself to only show help for the enabled features. This gives developers and webmasters total control of functions available to end users. This flexibility is necessary if design standards need to be enforced.

Multiple Instances *
soEditor may be used an unlimited number of times within a single form.

Context Menus
soEditor now includes right-click context menu support for the most common editing tasks.

Text Formatting
Comes with all standard text controls including bold, italic, underline, superscript and subscript. Dynamic menus allow users to maintain the font face, color, size and style.

Paragraph Formatting
Maintain proper paragraph formatting with indent, outdent and text justification controls.

List Formatting
Both unordered bulleted lists and numbered list controls are avaiiable.

Hyperlinks can be added, edited and removed anywhere within the content of the editor.

Anchors can be added, edited and removed anywhere within the content of the editor. When creating hyperlinks all anchors present in the content will dynamically show up in the hyperlink window.

Table Formatting
Flexible editing capabilities for html tables is included. Tables can be inserted and modified by adding, deleting or formatting table cells, rows or columns.

Images can be added, edited and deleted using the image control. The ability to preview images on the fly before inserting is also supported.

HTML Source Editing
Users can view the source and directly edit the underlying html code.

Spellchecking is integrated into soEditor using the service. This service is included in all pro versions, but a separate account with is required for spellchecking to work in all lite versions.

Field Validation
Users can be required to enter content into soEditor with customizable validation messages.

Word Count
A real time word count is displayed to users. This is very useful if the amount of text must be limited.

Additional features only available in soEditor Pro

Image Manager
Included in soEditor Pro is a drive based image manager. With this utility, users have the ability to create and upload images organized into customizable folders. Users also have the ability to delete images and folders if needed.

Form Controls
Form controls allow the user to create intereactive forms right within the editor. Included are text input, textarea, select menu, checkbox, radio button, hidden field, submit button, generic button, and reset button.

Integrated Email Form **
An email form tool is also integrated into soEditor Pro. With this simple tool users can create custom forms that send form responses to single or multiple email addresses.

Style Sheets
Style sheets allow developers to maintain a consistent look and feel of all content. soEditor Pro allows custom lists of style sheets and styles to be plugged in for users to choose from. The selected style sheet can then be passed via a hidden form field if needed.

Custom Hyperlinks
A custom set of links can be integrated right into soEditor Pro giving the user the ability to create links to predetermined URLs.

Content Templates
Gives the user the ability to insert predefined html templates into the content of the editor.

Special Character Picker
Special characters can be inserted into the content of the editor by using this tool.

Code Sweeper
An integrated code sweeper helps keep html source code clean. The code sweeper allows the selected text or entire document to be swept for all html tags, ms word markup, style sheets, font tags, or span tags.


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