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  Price: $200 and up
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Publisher: Alagad
Version: 2
Language: ActiveX
Added: Mon Mar 14 2005
Updated: Mon Mar 14 2005
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 5+


Alagad WysiPad 2 HTML editor is the only tool you need for browser-based WYSIWYG HTML authoring and editing. Now there is an alternative to text area fields! Simply embed WysiPad 2 wherever you need to provide access to HTML formatted content. The documentation and sample files make it easy to get up and running in no time. WysiPad HTML Editor works with virtually any server side technology!

WysiPad 2 is easy to install. - Simply point your browser to a page using the editor and follow the simple instructions.

WysiPad 2 is customizable. - With over 100 customization parameters, WysiPad 2 gives Developers the ability to programmatically enable or disable almost every feature. You get to choose if your users can add links, images or tables. Restrict your users from changing font colors, or enable it as you choose. You have the choice to give your users access to edit the generated HTML source, or you prevent them from ever seeing it.

WysiPad 2 uses your Cascading Style Sheet. - Many sites use CSS to determine how the site will appear. Point WysiPad 2 to your style sheet and force your users to adhere to site standards.

WysiPad 2 Features

  • WYSIWYG HTML editing
  • Open and edit HTML files from your computer
  • Save content directly to the server
  • Standard text formatting features
    • Bold, italic, underline
    • Fonts, font sizes, block formatting
    • Cut, Copy, Paste
    • Etc.
  • Spell Checking
  • Human readable HTML
  • Visual aids for easier editing
  • The ability to insert images into the document
  • The ability to upload images to your server
  • The ability to delete images from your server
  • Cell-level table editing
  • Special characters
  • Keeps sessions alive, even when users type for durations longer than the site?s session timeout configuration
  • Ability to insert Internet or Email links manually or exactly as provided by the server
  • Supports Cascading Style Sheets
  • Apply CSS classes to objects in your content
  • Ability to link to external help pages from the WysiPad 2 user interface
  • Developer-customizable user interface
    • Enable or remove almost every interface element
  • A free Developer Evaluation Mode
  • Much, much, more!


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