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JSpell IFrame
  Price: $195 and up
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Added: Mon Mar 14 2005
Updated: Wed Feb 07 2007
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer

Description: JSpell IFrame is a WYSIWYG Editor for Microsoft Internet Explorer.

An IFrame is a Microsoft Internet Explorer specific feature which lets developers create WYSIWYG HTML editors. These editors are sometimes known as contentEditable IFrames.

JSpell IFrame is an add on which enables spell check capabilities within these controls. Using JSpell IFrame you can create a fully functional WYSIWYG HTML Editor and integrate it into your web site with very little work. JSpell IFrame comes with its own contentEditable IFrame implementation. When this page finishes decrypting you will have access to the sample JSpell IFrame editor. The WYSIWYG HTML editor that comes with JSpell IFrame can be used "as-is" or you can integrate JSpell IFrame into your own IFrame editor control.

JSpell IFrame installs on your web server to enable spell checking in the WYSIWYG IFrame editor controls.

Like most of our products, the JSpell IFrame editor is licensed on a per-production server basis not on a per-user basis. You can have as many users as you want and you can install our editor on as many pages of your web site as you want without paying additional licensing fees.

Some of the Features of the JSpell IFrame Spell Checker

  • Spell checks IFrame contentEditable controls
  • English, Spanish and French Spell Checker dictionaries available, with more languages to follow soon.
  • Unique low cost solution for WYSIWYG editing
  • Use our spell checker with other IFrame WYSIWYG editors that don't have their own spell checker.
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer 5.0+
  • High quality documentation for JSpell IFrame in Adobe Acrobat PDF format
  • Supports Microsoft IIS, Java J2EE based servers and more.
  • An easy to use Windows based installer is included for Microsoft IIS
  • Ability to run spell check process on a machine other than your web server (ASP and PHP proxy scripts are included)
  • Easily make the spell checker look like the rest of your site using style sheets to customize the appearance.
  • Compact design takes up a minimal amount of space on your desktop
  • Highlights errors in context
  • Enable or disable the ability to add words to dictionary
  • Includes built-in word filtering capability using an editable text file of disallowed words, e.g., implement a 'naughty word filter'
  • SSL Compatible
  • Spell check server is hosted on your equipment, i.e., no dependence on third party servers and networks.
  • Comprehensive high speed dictionary refreshed with current events terminology
  • Recognizes standard chat acronyms - Internet and technology terms included
  • Ignores HTML tags
  • Operates through your firewall, does not require opening any ports
  • Corrects simple capitalization errors
  • In-process server is faster than any competing technology
  • Perfect for chat systems, message boards, reporting systems, and 'real world' usage


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