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  Price: Absolutely Free (GNU GPL)
  Rating: 8.63 (33 votes)   Rate It!  
Version: 56
Language: JavaScript
Added: Fri Apr 15 2005
Updated: Sat Nov 14 2009
Supported browsers: IE 5+, Mozilla 1.3+ , Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome


  • Whizzywig is FREE. Free to copy, free to use and free to change.
  • WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get (pretty much). Pronounce it Whizzywig.
  • Works with: IE5.0 and above, Mozilla 1.3 and above, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Bold, italic, underline
  • Indent, outdent, left justify, right justify, center text
  • Undo and redo
  • 216 'web-safe' color picker ...
  • ...but supports other colors and color names (e.g. orange, darkgreen, cornflowerblue, chocolate, indigo)
  • bulleted and numbered lists
  • Create tables, add/delete rows and columns
  • Insert and align images
  • Insert and edit hyperlinks
  • Clean up after paste in from Word or other office products
  • View and edit HTML source
  • Fully configurable toolbar: as many or few controls as you want, you choose the order, even the color
  • available in several languages and can be translated into others
  • can generate valid xhtml
  • Attach your own stylesheet
  • Multiple editors per page
  • Small - just 26k of Javascript (but similar features to editors 5 times this size)
  • Image browse available
  • Easy to install - just one javascript file - no extra files for dialogs
  • Use text buttons or the graphic buttons supplied in a single file


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