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Publisher: WrxWare
Version: 6.02
Language: Perl
Added: Sun Jun 05 2005
Updated: Wed Apr 24 2013
Supported browsers: Explorer 5.5+

Description: For years EditWrx has been the choice of thousands of web designers who want to delegate routine maintenance chores to their clients. EditWrx's exclusive EditBlocks feature allows a designer to define what parts of pages can be edited, and by whom.

EditWrx Version 6 takes the concept onto full content management for companies, churches and other organizations who can delegate particular pages to particular users - even delegate different parts of a page to different users. Based on the W3C DAV concept, some users can be Authors who save to pending files - others can be Publishers who review Authors' edits and OK them for the live site. Without databasing a single word of content.

Version 6 goes beyond mere wysiwyg editing. For example, forms created by EditWrx can automatically database the submissions for periodic download and import into Excel or Access, or email the submissions in data import format or as name value pairs. EditWrx doesn't even rely on the servers sendmail utility, it has it's own built-in dedicated email server.

No other wysiwyg editor begins to compare to EditWrx as a community builder. You can create the mechanism for adding new members automatically - even route them through a payment gateway in the process if you want to charge for community membership. Members are barricaded in their own folder tree on the website and use site provided templates to build their community contribution. With EditWrx's exclusive IncludeBlocks the site manager can set up sitewide navigation on all member pages that only the site manager can edit.

Exclusive EditWrx features include auto-thumbnailing with ImageMagick, Sticky Notes that appear in the center of pages, Inline Images that that can turn a page into an image gallery without leaving the page or pop-up windows.

The Auto-installer, Admin Control Panel, Automatic Updates and Windows interface, features that make EditWrx the most mature, professional editor available.


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