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  Price: Free (Lite) and suggested $24.
  Rating: 9.00 (4 votes)   Rate It!  
Publisher: Electric Toad Internet Solutions, Inc.
Language: PHP
Added: Tue Jul 12 2005
Updated: Tue Nov 13 2007
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5 (Windows)
Requirements: PHP 4, Unix/Linux server

Description: SnippetMaster allows you to mark up any "snippet" of HTML on any web page so you can make WYWISYG changes to it online - without changing the design or HTML you've worked hard to create.

It's easy!

<snippet name="My editable area">

    Place any HTML code you wish to make editable here...

SnippetMaster is specifically designed to work seamlessly with existing web pages (including Dreamweaver templates and similar programs) without having to modify the existing design or HTML you've worked hard to create.

Unlike most "content management systems" on the market, SnippetMaster is designed to allow changes to only a pre-defined area of a web page. This ability to control exactly what your client can and can't modify removes the possiblity of them ever messing up the whole page! Simply define the desired content area (the code snippet) with special start and end tags, and it is now editable online at any time!

There's no complicated content management system to learn, no complicated installation or database requirements, and no need to redesign or redeploy any existing web pages. Just "wrap" the HTML you want to be editable with the snippet tags and it's available for online editing right away! Using the integrated browsing system, your clients are free to add/edit/remove links & images, and you can even specify folders to "exclude" so they can't navigate somewhere they shouldn't be allowed. (The image and link browser allows your client to click a button and go find the image or link they want.)


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