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contentEditable Toolbar
  Price: $49 (shareware)
  Rating: 4.67 (3 votes)   Rate It!  
Publisher: Digital Odyssey
Version: 4.6
Language: Perl
Added: Tue Jul 12 2005
Updated: Thu Aug 28 2008
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5 (Windows)
Requirements: Perl 5+

Description: Free yourself from tedious, distracting maintenance chores! It's hard enough to get site owners to pay you what you're worth for design, it's even harder to get them to pay you design value to do mundane data-entry. Give your client the thrill of doing those chores with a wysiwyg!!!

The contentEditable Toolbar uses the MSHTML editor built-in to Explorer browsers. This WYSIWYG editor is based on the FrontPage editor. Easy to install. The download includes a script that lists your server's variables and a README file that will guide you through installing the Toolbar on any Perl enabled web server in mere minutes.

Easy to use. This Toolbar is essentially the same one used by Hotmail and other web-based email users for composing HTLM email in their Explorer browsers. Millions of people have already used this editor to build HTML pages!

Easy to find. No need to hunt around the site for the editor. To edit a page just tap the ESC key on your keyboard 3 times to open a login prompt. Try it! Click this page to give it focus so it can watch your keyboard, then tap your ESC key 3 times.

Easy to set-up. Paste a javascript tag on the page, then enclose the editable content in tags such as <span editblock="1"> -editable content- </span><!--editblock="1"-->. That's it, your web page is set-up for editing. Converting existing web pages is a breeze!

Edit once, display anywhere. If you use SSI, PHP or ASP includes to display common headers, footers, navigation, or other content, enclose the include tag in an includeblock and edit the include instead of the page. This includeblock feature will not overwrite the SSI, PHP or ASP tags, instead the path to the include is followed and the edit overwrites the include file! An SSI Example:
<span editblock="/includes/some.cgi"> <!--#include virtual="/includes/some.cgi" --> </span>

Secure. Admin and user passwords are stored the same way Unix stores server passwords, encrypted with a one-way hash. Although this is the standard Unix hash for encrypting passwords, it works on all Win servers too. This non-reversible hash stores an encrypted version of the password. When a user enters their password it too is encrypted, if the two match, the submitted password was correct. The passwords themselves never exist on the server!

Multi-User. Admin can set-up one or more users of the Toolbar. Each user can be given editing privileges for certain files or entire folder trees. Admin also determines what Toolbar functions will be available on the toolbar for each user and assigns an image folder for each user.

Use your imagination. What kind of uses can you imagine? Real Estate, pet store-animal shelter, car lot, movie theater, calendars, weblogs, travel agent, church bulletins, announcements, clearance items, news articles, web communities.... Keep thinking, there's more, lot's more.....


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