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WebEdit Professional
  Price: $179 and up
  Rating: 5.50 (2 votes)   Rate It!  
Publisher: Interspire Pty. Ltd.
Language: PHP
Added: Thu Jul 14 2005
Updated: Thu Oct 20 2005
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5+ (Windows)
Requirements: Apache, PHP v4.0.6 or above

Description: Interspire is pleased to introduce WebEdit - The perfect WYSIWYG web site building tool, that lets you rapidly create and manage professional websites.

Now you can offer clients a simple, powerful and affordable web content management solution to let them update their own web site from the comfort and familiarity of their web browser.

How can you benefit from using WebEdit as your web site editor?

  • Manage an entire web site from just one location
  • Make updates at any time, from any internet-enabled PC
  • Save time and money and be up and running in under an hour
  • If your clients can use Microsoft Word, they can use WebEdit
  • Define regions in your clients web site that they aren't allowed to edit Powerful content management features
  • Unbranded printable user guide. Specifically written for the non-technical user. Print and provide our unbranded user guide to your clients. No training required!
  • Hide complete files and folders from your clients. You control which file and folder types your clients are allowed to manipulate. Give them access only to their news or products page.
  • Use SSI, PHP includes and server-side code. Simply setup editable regions (using comment tags) and only content that users are allowed to change will be saved.
  • Complete support for stylesheets. If your HTML code contains a <style> tag or links to a stylesheet, then those styles will automatically be available in the stylesheet drop down list on the toolbar!

    For Web Site Owners

    This is the end of paying technical staff to perform expensive and time-consuming updates. You have complete control of your web content and can add/edit/delete product information, build a new site section, alter your branding or launch a new marketing initiative in minutes - and you can do this from anywhere in the world and from any web browser!

    For Web Developers

    You get a powerful, user-friendly web content management system to rebrand as your own and sell to your customers as a valuable solution (it also means no more fiddly site updates on Friday afternoons!). With restricted editing, you can specify what your clients can edit to protect your design, layout and even server-side code!


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