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Page Publisher
  Price: $149
  Rating: 10.00 (3 votes)   Rate It!  
Version: 1.24
Language: Perl
Added: Thu Jul 14 2005
Updated: Tue Jun 26 2007
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5+ (Windows)
Requirements: Perl 5.004+

Description: Overwhelmed by a daily avalanche of HTML page changes? Page Publisher is an advanced content management system that allows non-technical users to easily update information on their websites without learning HTML or fear of ruining the site design.

How does it work? By adding a few simple, easy to learn tags, HTML designers can specify exactly what content can (and can't) be modified. Clients just login into Page Publisher, click on the page name, type in the new content and they're done. Pages are instantly updated! What could be easier?

Adding pages is simple and only takes minutes. Want to let your client edit the page heading? Just add some simple tags around the page heading in the HTML source code:

<!-- publish --> Page Heading Goes Here <!-- /publish -->
Page Publisher will automatically generate a special "edit" page that lets the client modify the page heading without letting them change anything else.

Forget about learning HTML or a complicated web design program. Page Publisher gives your clients the ability to quickly and easily update website content - within minutes. Backed by a complimentary installation, full technical support and a 90-day money back guarantee, Page Publisher gives users the ability to focus on the creative side of writing content instead of being distracted by the technical aspects of HTML.


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