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Publisher: ForwardCenter, Inc.
Version: 1.00.35
Language: JavaScript
Added: Mon Sep 26 2005
Updated: Sun Sep 24 2006
Supported browsers: IE 6.0
Requirements: JavaScript enabled, which is IE default


InetWord has broken the boundaries of online editors. With it's powerful use of modern HTML features like CSS, it can create and edit any page that you would normally use FrontPage or DreamWeaver on. No editor-widget compromises here.

InetWord works like a desktop application rather than like a Web site. It is a responsive, satisfying, familiar environment instead of a traditional page-load-wait Web site. Dialog boxes and formatting drop-downs are instantaneous and contain previews. Edits are autosaved every minute. Edit multiple documents simultaneously with the tabbed interface. Pages are automatically locked while editing to prevent edit conflicts.

InetWord works like an application by using a technology called AJAX, made famous by Google. The technology enables inetWord to communicate with the server bi-directionally and asynchronously without interrupting your work. This technology and the services built with it have been called "a major breakthrough" by Walt Mossberg.

As you know, since all document data is stored centrally and saved automatically, you can easily publish to the Web and can work from different computers at different times without worrying about document versions, graphic files' locations, or edit collisions. You can collaborate with associates without explicitly tracking and sending copies of documents or graphics.

InetWord includes 50+ designer page templates. And because inetWord has the power to edit any aspect of a page, you can customize templates to any degree to fit your needs.

InetWord is a JavaScript browser based editor and a PHP based AJAX technology file management back-end. It can be integrated with your CMS or document management back-end.


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