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Publisher: Richer Components
Version: 1.6
Added: Mon Oct 17 2005
Updated: Tue Oct 18 2005
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox, Safari, Konqueror, and Opera


RichDatePicker™ v1.6 is an easy-to-use, professional date selector for ASP.NET that allows you to implement a proven date selection user interface on your web site without using any plugins or Java. It includes extensive customization options both for the functionality, and the visual styling. Why build your own? To get your completely free evaluation copy, go to the download page.

    Professional End-User Features
  • Date selection . RichDatePicker™ provides a familiar and trustworthy date selection interface to end-users. It provides a rich browser-based interface at three levels of richness (depending on the browser) and brings web based applications up to the same level as desktop applications in terms of user-interface quality. Live demo
  • Time selection. RichDatePicker offers a complete time-selection interface so the end-user can specify not just a date, but also a time within that date, making RichDatePicker™ ideal for calendaring and timetabling applications. Live demo (see also TimePickerEnabled DateTimeOrdering DateTimeSpacing MinutesIntervals TimeButtonType)
  • Financial periods. RichDatePicker™ fully supports financial periods and offers an intuitive interface to allow end-user selection in financial and accounting applications:
    • Quarters : Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4
    • Half-years: H1 and H2
    • Live demo
    • (See also DatePeriod and PickerDatePeriod)
  • 'Day & Month' selection. End-users can use RichDatePicker™ to select an anniversary (a date with no Year) for example '4 Nov', thereby making it ideal for calendaring, and personal data applications where the specific year is not necessary. The interface presented is simpler, and removes both the year selection, and also the weekday labels. Live demo (See also DatePeriod and PickerDatePeriod)
  • 'Month & Year' selection. End-users can use RichDatePicker™ to select an 'expiry' style date in e-commerce applications comprising just a month and year, for example 'Nov 72'. In this mode of operation, the calendar reduces the interface to display only the essentials, the month and the year - and all by setting a single property on the component. Live demo (See also DatePeriod and PickerDatePeriod)
  • Multiple date selection. RichDatePicker™ offers multiple date selection, so the picker can be configured to allow the end-user to specify multiple dates. This functionality also extends to cover multiple date & time selection. Multiple date selection removes the need for developers to create complex user interfaces to acquire multiple dates from end-users. Live demo (see SelectedDates)
  • Restricted date ranges. It is easy to limit selected dates to a specific range, thereby ensuring that the date information provided by end-users is valid and appropriate. Live demo (see also LowerBoundDate UpperBoundDate)
  • Week selection. New! RichDatePicker™ v1.6 fully supports week selection. By setting the DatePeriod property to StartOfWeek, RichDatePicker v1.6 can be set to request the user selects a specific week. This is in addition to the existing functionality that allows for selection by day, anniversary, month, quarter year, or half year. Live demo

    Highly Usable User Interface
  • Label property. RichDatePicker™ provides the ability to specify what label appears in the RichDatePicker™ prior to a date being selected, for example 'Please select a date'. This ensures the interface is clear and intuitive. (see also LabelText)
  • Date-specific labels. RichDatePicker™ can highlight any date with specific text, for example marking special days, events, or holidays to assist the end-user in selecting an appropriate date. Support is included for recurring date labels, and customized styling of each date. These labels mean the end-user has extensive information available before selecting dates and will therefore be more likely to enter valid data. Live demo (see also Event EventDataMember EventDataSource EventDateField)
  • In-page rendering. New! RichDatePicker™ v1.6 fully supports in-page rendering (see ControlDisplay). The date and time pickers can both be shown directly in the page, avoiding the need to use a pop-up where space concerns are paramount. RichDatePicker™ also provides a Multiple InPage mode, so multiple dates can be selected using an in-page picker. Live demo
  • 'Read Only' and Disabled modes. RichDatePicker™ provides the ability to set the picker into a mode whereby it displays a selected date, but does not allow that date to be changed. This is in keeping with other form controls with an Enabled property, and provides consistent information when displaying and entering dates. (see also ReadOnly Enabled)
  • Rapid date selection - the ability to quickly jump between months and between years without post-backs or browser 'clicks' provides a quick and painless interface to end-users.
  • Fast page downloads - RichDatePicker™ implements a compact client-side page weight. Core client-side code is shared between instances on the same page ensuring end-users can process pages rapidly.
  • Start on the right date - There is a property (see VisibleDate) to set the default RichDatePicker™ start position independently of the selected date (SelectedDate) ensuring the date initially presented matches the users’ expectations.
  • Professional presentation. RichDatePicker™ appears on top of in-page Java applets and Macromedia Flash® animations (Internet Explorer only), renders more compactly in Netscape 6.x and above, and includes improved cross-browser support with three-level browser sensing and rendering. Live demo
  • Fully cross-browser compatible - graceful degradation in all older browsers, and strong support for recent browsers including three-level rendering providing advanced interfaces in recent browsers. These improvements are part of our commitment to handling browser compatibility issues so you do not need to. RichDatePicker renders in full rich format in Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox, Safari, Konqueror, and Opera.


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