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  Price: Pro $29 (free standard ver.)
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Language: JavaScript
Added: Mon Oct 17 2005
Updated: Fri Oct 21 2005
Supported browsers: IE 5+/6+, NN 4+/6+/7+, Mozilla 0.9, Opera 5+/6+/7+, Firefox 1+


The JavaScript calendar (date/time picker) is very widely used control seen on various forms and web pages where the web site owner wants visitor to enter the date and time information. For example it can be birth or booking or hotel stay information. CodeThat's Java Script date and time selectable calendar control helps making such a date or time selection the interactive process also helps making the design of the calendar to be the part of the web site appearance. Our JavaScript calendar enables to select one of three work modes:

  • Popup calendar mode. The calendar appears in a separate window that is being shown when user clicks the button or performs another action.
  • Inline calendar mode. The calendar is displayed on the page as part of its design.
  • iFrame calendar mode (pull down calendar). Calendar is dropped down within the frame on the window.

    The core functionality of the CodeThatCalendar includes the following features:

  • Internationalization abilities and database awareness.
  • Support for the CSS customization.
  • Configurable scrolling feature (through the combo box control or the button).
  • Support of configurable date formats - notation did (date), MM (month), yoyo (year), HH (hours), mm (minutes), sis (seconds). Ability to setup the startup date/time.
  • Inline, pop up and iframe calendar support.
  • Date/time validation engine.

    Our calendar is fully interactive and reacts on events and user actions. For example the mouse move event used to show the date which mouse cursor stays above, mouse click event used for date selection action. The Java script calendar's labels can be translated to virtually any language because calendar loads the text to display (days, month's names and other text labels) from the special configuration file thus is truly international languages ready. Plus the look and feel of the calendar widget can be adjusted in any possible way through the built in CSS supporting code.

    There're two editions of the java script calendar: STANDARD and PRO. The STANDARD version can be downloaded and used under the "free for non-commercial use" license terms and the PRO version requires registration. PRO version offers more features and is the choice for professional modern web site.


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