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Date Picker
  Price: $19 (developer license: $59)
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Publisher: Kerberos Internet Services CC.
Version: 3.11
Added: Mon Oct 17 2005
Updated: Tue Oct 18 2005
Supported browsers: IE 4+, NN 6+, Opera 7+, FireFox 0.9+, Mozilla 1.0+


Date Picker Overview
The Professional Calendar Solution for the Web

The Date Picker object is the ideal popup calendar solution for the web. You can create attractive calendar controls quickly, easily and with no effort and be assured of deploying a quality product. Using the popup / dropdown Date Picker provides you and your users with the following tangible benefits:

  • Simple & intuitive user interface: An elegant interface that is understood by all users.
  • Blend seamlessly with your site: Use the packaged backgrounds and icons, or alternatively create your own. You can implement the Date Picker to blend visually with any website.
  • Quick and easy form integration: You can convert, or implement a date input field in under 2 minutes.
  • A product for the global village: Implement the Date Picker in a language your users will understand. You have a choice of 19 languages covering the major European languages.
  • More than just a calendar: The control performs all date verification and validation operations at the browser - No need for round trips to the server to confirm valid inputs.

    The date picker provides your users with an elegant control that prevents them from entering incorrect or invalid responses. Date validation and formatting are all performed by the control - streamlining your response forms by removing redundant server call-backs. Smooth Implementation

    You can implement Date Picker in under two minutes. Your forms, datastructures and other elements are safe: Date Picker was designed with a smooth integration curve in mind:

  • Date format support: Supports a wide variety of date standards and conventions. Simply pick the one required by your system.
  • Simple integration: The object uses the standard form input tags for data submission - No complex process for integration is required - the date picker does all that for you.
  • Different Applications: Extend the functionality of the date picker with plugins.


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