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  Price: $49.99 (free standard version)
  Rating: 10.00 (1 votes)   Rate It!  
Publisher: Primoris Software
Language: JavaScript
Added: Mon Oct 17 2005
Updated: Thu Nov 10 2005
Supported browsers: IE4+, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, Opera, and others


Give your users an attractive popup calendar for a faster, easier way to fill out forms on your web site or application!

With DateClick, you will...

  • Save your users time. Dates can now be entered visually via a familiar and user friendly interface.
  • Save yourself time. Chances are, if you weren't going to create your own JavaScript popup calendar, you would at least have to write code to validate date entries. DateClick returns a valid date every time it is used.
  • Whenever your forms are asking a user to fill in a date field, whether it be posting dates for a blog, departure dates for a flight, or user info like a date of birth, your form will benefit from a DHTML popup calendar. Date fields are prone to many well-known problems, such as typos, confusion regarding date formats, time consuming, etc.. Javascript popup calendars are now expected to be part of your GUI. Traditionally, they are time consuming to program, and almost impossible to test for every different platform. DateClick solves all of these problems.

    DateClick Advantages

    Faster: Runs entirely in Javascript without time-consuming calls back to the server.
    Reliable: Unlike most date pickers, will not be blocked by now ubiquitous popup blockers.
    Universal: Can be used from any server: Windows, Linux, Sun, etc.


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