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InnovaStudio Web Color Picker
  Price: $37
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Publisher: InnovaStudio
Version: 1.2
Added: Tue Oct 18 2005
Updated: Tue Oct 18 2005
Supported browsers: IE5.5+ (Windows), Netscape, Mozilla & Firefox (Windows & Mac OS X)


a Javascript Color Picker for Web Applications... (version 1.2)

InnovaStudio Web Color Picker is a web-based Color Picker that can be easily integrated into custom web applications. It is javascript code and the object requires few lines of code to include in your web page.

InnovaStudio Web Color Picker provides a quick dropdown color and an advanced color picker dialog. The advanced color picker dialog is powered with InnovaStudio Web Color Schema, a composition of 216 web-safe colors which forms 3D triangle & are constructed in a smooth transition between each color. This will help the users to find a wide selection of effective color possibilities.

The best choice you've ever made - What makes it different:

1. Convenient & Advanced Color Selection tool

  • Fast loading.
  • Quick Dropdown Selection which includes Custom Colors.
  • Provides 3 Types color charts in tabbed interface: web pallete, HTML colors & 216 Web-safe colors.
  • Specify/Preview Hex & RGB value.
  • Ability to select named color as well as Hex color value.
  • Ability to add/edit custom colors at runtime.

    2. Developer Friendly Integration

  • Can be used anywhere in your web folders.
  • Can be embedded multiple times on a web/html page.
  • Ability to specify predefined custom colors.
  • Provides onPickColor & onRemoveColor events that can be used to trigger custom command.


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