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Flat Color Picker
  Price: $19
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Publisher: Kerberos Internet Services CC.
Added: Tue Oct 18 2005
Updated: Fri Oct 21 2005
Supported browsers: IE, Mozilla/Firefox

Description: The Ideal Color Selection Solution for the WWW

The Color Picker form control is the ideal color selection form control for any situation: All your users will be familiar with the interface and they will be able to use it with ease. As the website owner, you will be able to implement a Color Picker under two minutes - quickly, cleanly and easily.

An Inline Color Swatch

Picking colors has never been easier: The Color Picker form control provides your users with a clickable, inline color swatch. Your users only need a mouse and a sense of color coordination to use this control. As a result, non-proficient users are not exposed to the underlying Color coordinate system, whereas proficient users may utilize an easy-to-use input interface for specifying their Colors in a more accurate manner.

Only the Color Data You Need

The Color Picker form control performs all necessary validation and verification on color data prior to sending the results to your server. You can be assured that the color data you receive is sanitary and above all, usable.

Attractive & Easy On The Eye

The Color Picker form control is guaranteed to compliment your form layout and web-design. A lightweight component that only uses the bare minimum of screen space is always a good design consideration.


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