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Absolute Color Picker ActiveX Control
  Price: $24.95 (free demo version)
  Rating: 3.94 (15 votes)   Rate It!  
Publisher: SoftInfinity
Language: ActiveX
Added: Tue Oct 18 2005
Updated: Tue Jun 01 2010
Supported browsers: Unspecified
Requirements: Windows platform


Absolute Color Picker ActiveX Control is an ActiveX component that includes two dialogs: color (MFC CColorDialog like) and gradient filling dialogs. It provides facilities to select from different color models like RGB(Red/Green/Blue), HSB (Hue/Saturation/Brightness), use unique mathematical algorithms (HSB Brightness, HSB Radial, HSB Hue, RGB 3D Sphere, HSB Hue2, HSP Pens, HSB Hexagons, HSB PalettesHH). As a great extension to standard color dialogs, Absolute Color Picker ActiveX allows you to set transparency level (alpha-channel) and edit color gradients.

Absolute Color Picker AcitveX Control is designed with simplicity in mind and could be easily integrated into most of contemporary IDEs (Intergated Development Environment) such as Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, Microsoft Visual Basic/C++, Boland Delphi, CBuilder etc. Extensive methods and properties description, code examples will help any level programmer to master it at zero-time thus saving a great amount of efforts on project development.

Full features list:

  • Contains dialog pages for different color models (7 dialog pages for HSB model, a dialog page for RGB model)
  • History of selected colors ??? up to 12 slots to remember (general for all dialogs)
  • Screen eye-dropper ??? allows to match easily any color on the screen
  • Color in hexadecimal format for both RGB and HSB color models(HTML color)
  • Alpha-channel technology
  • Ability to change transparency (customizable)
  • Contains a lot of predefined color palettes from which the users can select a color
  • Full Visual Studio Designer Support
  • Full Borland Designer Support
  • Full Web Designer Support. Can be used in any environment that supports COM-objects or in .NET via COM interoperability
  • Full support of Windows XP visual themes

    Platforms "Absolute Color Picker ActiveX Control 3.0" is compatible with:

  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows NT 4.x
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 2003


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