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  Price: $79 (free demo version)
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Publisher: Richer Components
Language: ASP.NET
Added: Fri Oct 21 2005
Updated: Mon Oct 24 2005
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape and more

Description: With support for postbacks, server-side events, viewstate and more. RichNavigator™ leverages .NET's managed execution (memory management, automatic garbage collection and type-safety). The software consists of a .NET Assembly DLL that enables you to programmatically create a DHTML navigator of expanding and collapsing groups. At the server, RichNavigator™ provides an object-oriented programming model that contains Groups, Items and other appearance-related objects, as well as properties for total control over the menus look and feel.

ASP.NET Developer Benefits

  • Integrates seamlessly with any web form
  • Quick and simple to get going – single-file installation with lots of samples
  • A broad interface for customization, with Visual Studio.NET design-time support
  • Strong cross-browser support
  • Straightforward forms integration
  • Flexible Programming Options
  • Ability to place arbitrary controls in a menu and to place menu inside a menu
  • Client-side events for adding custom functionality
  • Rapid deployment
  • Support for images in the menu headers
  • No need to write validation code or regular expressions

    Business Benefits
  • A more friendly user interface for end-users and web site visitors
  • Reusable and adaptable across multiple applications
  • Expand/Collapse menu items
  • Highly Customizable Look
  • Rich Windows-like applications within an intranet and Internet site, reducing client-application installation costs
  • Browser independence

    End User Benefits
  • A consistent and familiar user interface (like Microsoft windows, OutLook)
  • A user interface with stylistic consistency with the host web site
  • Requires no legacy plugins (or Java)
  • Reduced keyboard-to-mouse hand movement
  • Single expanded option (Outlook style)
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape and more
  • Animation and expand effects

  • Full Visual Studio.NET Design-time support
  • Flexible Programming Options
  • Expand/Collapse
  • Highly Customizable Look
  • Sizing Options
  • Advanced positioning for Item and Group images
  • Ability to place arbitrary controls in a menu
  • Ability to place menu inside a menu
  • Ability to load dynamically generated content
  • Animation and expand effects
  • Client-side events for adding custom functionality
  • Single expanded option (Outlook style)
  • Support for images in the menu headers
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape and more
  • Rapid deployment
  • Full sets of VB.NET and C# Examples


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