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  Price: $49 (free linkware version)
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Version: 2.8.1
Language: JavaScript
Added: Fri Oct 21 2005
Updated: Mon Oct 24 2005
Supported browsers: IE 5+ (Windows), Safari, Mozilla, Netscape 7+, Firefox, Camino, Konqueror 3.2+, Opera 7+


Our DHTML/JavaScript menu is an advanced library which can be used for anything from a site navigation system to complex application menus or toolbars that set options and execute code on the fly. The main menu can be either horizontal (default) or vertical. Context menus are also supported. It works with any decently new browser (see below) and gracefully degrades even for pre-JavaScript browsers. The menu is defined in plain (semantic) HTML.

Using advanced CSS techniques, our menu can be styled to look and behave extremely nice, rivaling only with desktop-based menu systems. See our “Preferences” menu to have a glimpse into its powerful look and feel options.

Supported browsers
  • Internet Explorer 5.0+ for Windows
  • Apple Safari for Mac OS X
  • Mozilla, Netscape 7.x, FireFox (any platform)
  • Camino for Mac OS X
  • Other Gecko-based browsers (any platform)
  • Konqueror 3.2+ for Linux
  • Opera 7+ (any platform)

    Features and samples
  • Friendly to search engines
  • Use plain HTML to define (nested lists)
  • Can be used as a toolbar too
  • Menu items can link to arbitrary pages,
  • or can trigger JavaScript actions
  • Degrades even to text-only browsers
  • Supports cross-frame menus
  • Incredibly easy to setup
  • Unlimited menu depth
  • Optional electric mode
  • High quality skins (themes),
  • and you can easily write your own
  • Does not depend on installed fonts
  • Works at any font size
  • Allows keyboard navigation
  • Can make context menus (sample 1, sample 2)
  • The main menu can be vertical
  • Can be dynamically generated (obvious, since it's HTML)
  • Very fast even with hundreds of items
  • Smooth shadows
  • Configurable timeouts
  • (PNG) Icons
  • Supports arbitrary HTML in popups or in menu items
  • Optimal positioning and dimensioning
  • Help strings
  • Check boxes and radio buttons
  • Disabled/enabled menu items
  • Not vulnerable to memory leaks in IE


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