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  Price: $59 (free standard version)
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Language: JavaScript
Added: Fri Oct 21 2005
Updated: Mon May 15 2006
Supported browsers: Microsoft IE 5+, Netscape 4+, Firefox 1+, Opera 5+, Safari 1+


No doubts very important characteristics for the web site are accessibility and user friendly navigation (tree, menu) that insures that site visitors (Internet surfers) will reach every single page on the site. Majority of the modern websites use the JavaScript to build such an advanced navigation (menu, tree). CodeThat.Com is proud to offer one of the best web menu navigation systems available. It is called CodeThatMenu and its quick reference is just below.

CodeThatMenu is a JavaScript menu (free and pro versions available). CodeThatMenu JavaScript solution enables users to create the JavaScript navigation for the web site effectively, fast and in the professional manner.

Several menu types can be created with the JavaScript code we offer:

  • JavaScript popup menu
  • JavaScript drop-down (dropdown) menu either vertically or horizontally aligned
  • JavaScript menu bar
  • JavaScript menu tree (although tree menus are better to be created with CodeThatTree product of ours).

    Various menu effects are supported including but not limited to:

  • Shadows.
  • Borders.
  • Transparency.
  • Moveable menus.
  • Separate images for different menu states.

    We provide free download for the standard (free) version of our JavaScript menu. Our menus are data aware and can load the content from MySQL database (any SQL driven database in fact), XML and CSV files. Our menu is cross-browser product, which means it supports most popular Internet browsers including:

  • Microsoft IE (version 5 or above).
  • Netscape Navigator (version 4 or above).
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 1 or above).
  • Opera (version 5 or above).
  • Safari ( version 1 or above).

    CodeThatMenu (both zip archive and exe setup available for the download for free) includes the JavaScript menu example implementations made with CodeThatMenu as well as menu reference and custom menu themes (skins) to insure your short learning curve with our product.

    Our specialists will help you to implement your website navigation with CodeThatMenu answering the questions through the e-mail and support forum. Do not miss the FAQ as well.

    The menu also comes with the free to use JavaScript menu builder (menu generator) that boots the effectiveness of your work, enables you to save and reopen your web projects. Our menu builder called CodeThatBuilder and is a completely FREE product.

    The entire navigation of the CodeThat.Com site was build with the use of the CodeThatMenu. This product is one of the most important for us and on-going development of the new features and functionality never stops. You can rely on us and our JavaScript menu.


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