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  Price: $29 (free edition available)
  Rating: 10.00 (4 votes)   Rate It!  
Publisher: CoolDev.Com
Language: JavaScript
Added: Fri Oct 21 2005
Updated: Tue Dec 19 2006
Supported browsers: IE 4.01+, Netscape 4.08+, Mozilla 0.9+, Opera 5.02+, AOL 4+


Menu is one of the most popular navigation controls you can see on the many web sites all over the Internet. We're happy to offer you one of the most complete javascript menu out there. Easily configurable and adjustable our dhtml menu comes with the full set of features you expect from the modern menu control.

You can configure the javascript menu through the CSS and setup individual items parameters in the javascript configuration file. Samples Gallery and our documentation show you how much you can do with our javascript menu and help to build your own drop-down or popup menu. Menu available in two editions: Standard and Professional. In most cases menu setup does not require javascript knowledge.

Separate item sizing & positioning
Every item of javascript menu can have special size and/or position. This allows you to create fancy menu with unusual look.

Unlimited number of levels
There is no limitation on how many menu levels can be created.

Customizable styles and colors
Every level and every item can have separate set of styles.

Customizable rollovers
Customizable rollovers are supported even under very old browsers like Netscape 4.x and Opera 5.x without any additional javascript programming. You can set special background color, CSS class, or even special text for rollovered state of any item.

Border and pseudo-shadow support
Border and pseudo-shadow are supported under all browsers. You can cusomize color and size for both shadow and border.

Unlimited number of menu instances
There can be several menus on a single page, and these menus will not interfere with each other.

Free edition of the javascript menu includes watermark little gray piece of text just under the tree: Commercial editions Standard and Professional do not have watermark.

Commercial use
Standard and Professional editions can be used commercially, in any number of your own applications. Separate license can be purchased to allow redistribution of the script.

Relative positioning
Menu can be placed into some container, and it will follow design flow when user will resize the window, or when other page elements will change their sizes.

Popup menus
Menu can be made invisible, and then it can popup when some event occurs, e.g. right mouse button click.

Cross-frame menus
Your menu can be splitted in the following way: top level items in one frame, and all sublevels in the other. However, menu cannot cross frame boundary whole sublevel has to be visible within single frame.

Icon images
Menu can have special icon images which will be placed to the left of the text. These icons can have rollovered state.

Arrow images
Every item with subitems can have special arrow image which indicates that there is something to see. Arrows can have rollovered state.

Advanced borders
Each side of the border can have individial width.

Workarounds for the form elements
Menu has workarounds for famous "form elements over DHTML objects" problem. There are two workarounds. First one is for Internet Explorer 5.5 and above, and it looks very smoothly. Second workaround works for older browsers, and it works like this: when submenu drops down, script hides all DIVs which ids where specified in the configuration file.

If this list does not have some feature that you really need, you can ask our technical support team and in most cases we will develop the feature ASAP.


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