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  Price: $49 (free linkware version)
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Version: 3.1
Added: Mon Oct 24 2005
Updated: Mon Oct 24 2005
Supported browsers: IE4 and above, Netscape 4.05 and above, Netscape 6 and above, Opera 6 and above, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Galeon, Konqueror


EZmenu is a highly rated and highly popular dhtml menu script. It is versatile, fast, compact and easy to use. We have built the menu script with four main objectives in mind - functionality, ease of use, widespread compatibility and performance.

We are continuously researching and actively seeking feedback from users on the features that they would like to see in their dhtml menus and incorporating them into EZmenu. The current list of features include:

  • High performance (fast loading and operation)
  • Small footprint
  • Ability to dynamically generate menu (e.g. from database)
  • Inline Menu Positioning
  • Multiple-Column Menus
  • 3 dimensional / 2 dimensional effects
  • Animation effects e.g. sliding (select or write your own!)
  • Special effects e.g. shadows (select or write your own!)
  • Improved form based Menu Maker for ease of menu creation
  • Variety of submenu orientation (i.e. opens left, right, up or down)
  • Absolute menu width or auto sizing
  • Transparent borders
  • Display limits specification
  • Execution of Javascript commands
  • Floating Menu
  • Cascading Menu
  • Mouseover Effects
  • Call menus from images/text/hyperlinks
  • Relative positioning
  • Vertical or horizontal modes
  • Link to frames/windows
  • Inner and outer menu borders
  • Background images
  • Menu titles
  • Multiple Lines, icons and other HTML definitions
  • Customise submenus overlap
  • Many More!

    Ease of Use
    EZmenu is designed to be easily and quickly used by anyone without any knowledge of javascript or dhtml programming. This is made possible by our form based menu builder - the Menu Maker. The Menu Maker allows you to start building your own dhtml menu straightaway with a few button clicks, and yet gives you the versatility to customize a multitude of dhtml menu effects, or even create your own dhtml effects.

    Widespread Compatibility
    The ideal dhtml menu must be able to maintain its appearance, functionality and performance in any browser. To this end, we have tested EZmenu extensively on a variety of browsers and platforms (often with the help of our users). The list below are examples of browsers and platforms that EZmenu is compatible with:

  • IE4 and above
  • Netscape 4.05 and above
  • Netscape 6 and above
  • Opera 6 and above
  • Mozilla
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Galeon
  • Konqueror
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Macintosh

    EZmenu has a small file size and consequently the menu script loads quickly. The menu script has been tested and optimized so that the dhtml menu panels are generated rapidly on the webpage, operate efficiently, and continue to be responsive even when there are many dhtml menus on the same page.


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