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Publisher: Andrew Holt
Language: JavaScript
Added: Mon Oct 24 2005
Updated: Mon Oct 24 2005
Supported browsers: Netscape 4.5, Netscape 6, 7.01, Internet Explorer 5+ (IE), , Mozilla 1, 1.2, Opera 5, 6, 7, Chimera, Internet Explorer 5.2 (Mac)

Description: DropMenu is a small, easy to implement script for creating DropMenu menus.

Unlike most other similar scripts available, DropMenu is search engine friendly. DropMenu does not cause problems when validating your pages or style sheets.

Easily create horizontal or vertical menus, style your menus your way. If you know html you can use DropMenu.

The script does not limit you in any way and leaves you free to create your menus without worrying or learning lots of complicated javascript arrays and functions.

You have nothing to lose by trying DropMenu and everything to gain. If you are serious about your code and cross browser functionality then this could be what you are looking for.

The need for search engine friendly code has never been so important. Using a menu system that is so deeply embedded in javascript code won't be indexed properly by the search engines and could lose you traffic. DropMenu builds the menus with regular html using normal syntax - syntax that the search engines like.


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