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Menu G5
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Publisher: Xin Yang
Version: 5.6.1
Added: Mon Oct 24 2005
Updated: Mon Oct 24 2005
Supported browsers: IE5+ (Windows & Mac.), Gecko Browsers (Netscape6+, Mozilla, Mozilla Firebird & Firefox, Camino, etc.), Opera7+, Safari


  • Unlimited number of menus on the same page.
  • Unlimited levels of sub-menus for a menu.
  • Separates menu content, menu style (CSS) and menu logic (position, alignment, direction, layout, behavior, floating, etc.) for easy maintenance.
  • Supports cross-frame menus in any frame layout.
  • Builds a menu "just-in-time", minimizes the delay of page loading and rendering.
  • Uses CSS for menu styling (images, fonts, colors, borders, paddings, etc.).
  • Supports IE filter effects at both menu level and item level.
  • CSS styles can be applied to individual menus and items
  • Supports absolute positioning, relative positioning and pre-defined slots positioning.
  • Supports long menu scrolling and sub-menu flip-into-view.
  • Supports dynamic creation and re-creation of menu contents and menus after page is loaded.
  • Supports change of item display, item link and item code on-the-fly.
  • Provides user functions for menu manipulation.


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