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FXS Menu
  Price: $29 (free non-commercial use)
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Added: Mon Oct 24 2005
Updated: Tue Mar 18 2008
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 4.0+ - 6.x (Windows), Internet Explorer 5.0+ (Mac), Opera 5.0+/6.0+/7.0+/8.0+ on Windows and Macintosh systems, Netscape 4.0+/6.0+/7.0+/8.0+, All Gecko browsers, Safari, Camino, Omniweb, Konqueror (Linux)

Description: FXS Menu is a very complete DHTML navigation system for webdesigners. It is highly customizable and works cross browser. (including Netscape 4, Mac, Linux) FXS DHTML Menu has over 70 properties to adjust behaviour, geometry and style of each single item and more than 30 parameters for each menu.

DHTML Main Menu Positioning
FXS Menu offers both standards of positioning techniques - absolute and relative positioning.

Absolute Positioning
Declaring the position as absolute guarantees the same position in all browsers. The menu is not in the flow of the document, it can be positioned with the left and top properties. Centering the menu or aligning it to the right window border can be done with screenalign (screenalign="right";screenalign="center"). Width and height of the main menu can be controlled with menuwidth and/or menuheight, but is not required for this is usually calculated using item's width and height.

Relative Positioning
The menu is in the flow of the content and can be placed inside a table cell with the fixMenu("MenuNameHere") function. When you have a flexible page layout the advantage is, that the menu adjusts it's position for different screen resolutions. Using relative positioning

DHTML Submenu Positioning
When it cames to position submenus FXS Menu shows once again it's flexibility and power: Right to left, fixed to images, text, or links, aligned to the dimensions of the submenu or the single item, tooltip positioning, image map support, opens up/down/left/right with automatic calculation of the submenu position, ... .

Considering search engines have troubles with JavaScript, support for a static HTML main navigation with dynamically generated submenus is implemented too.

Absolute Positioning
The submenu is independent of it's parent menu. It can be placed with the top and left properties anywhere on a page. Top and left properties can both be changed at runtime.

Relative Positioning
Submenus are positioned by default relative to the parent item, left and top properties can still be used to adjust its' positions. Another option is to change the default open direction of submenus with the direction property. With alignwith="menu" submenus are placed relative to the parent menu's position.

Tooltip Positioning
This feature is mainly used to display tooltips onmouseover, but isn't limited to it. With the popUp and popDown functions submenus can be attached to text, images, image maps, ... .


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