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Version: 3.13b
Language: JavaScript, ASP, PHP
Added: Fri Nov 11 2005
Updated: Mon Nov 14 2005
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari

Description: QWebEditor is a browser-based HTML editor. Its WYSIWYG feature is perfect for content management system or any web sites require asking users to enter formatted text. It is a DHTML component and easy to be integrated into your web sites. Your users do not need to download a bulky ActiveX control, applets and you do not need to worry about the browsers' security settings. Features Highlight ------------------ - Browser based HTML editor allows your site visitors to enter rich formatted text. - Supports IE5.5+ for Windows, Safari 2+ for Mac, Netscape 7.1+, Mozilla 1.4+ and Mozilla Firefox 0.7+ for all platforms. - Fast initialization and run time speed when comparing to competitor products. Your pages will still be loaded quickly even having multiple (>10) editors in the same page. - It is a JavaScript component and it can be downloaded and installed without users being prompted. - PHP and ASP helper libraries are available. - Used as a replacement of <textarea>, as a stand alone form or as a pop up editor - Highly customizable - Powerful editing capabilities - Access editor in run time through JavaScript - Multiple languages UI support - Can be used in secure web sites - XHTML compatibility


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