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  Price: From $99, royalty free
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Added: Wed Jan 18 2006
Updated: Wed Jan 18 2006

Description: We make Xp icons for commercial manufacturers.

If you are a software developer, webmaster or user interface designer looking for high quality icons and glyphs for you software projects. You have come to the right place.

Here you can browse and buy high quality royalty-free icon. Our icons collections will bring a professional look to your projects while saving your time and money.

General Questions
1. What is about?
My name's Wang lin xia. I'm the founder and the owner of Guiicons, Since February,2004 I'm working as a freelance. Guiicons sells royalty-free Windows XP icons. We work for different companies: from small firms like one shareware maker to big companies. We can make any Windows Xp icons.

2.Can i get some sample icons for testing or to evaluate the quality ?
We offer a free sample collection that contains 10 icons. You can find the free sample collection at the buttom of the collections page.

3.How many icons are in the business icon collections?
Total there are 1200 icons ,each in four sizes and three format(PNG,ICO(XP and 256 Color),GIF), there are 24000 image files in the collections.

4.Which icon format do I need?
Usually, customers need .ico or .gif icons. If you are developing a GUI application for windows, you need .ico icons If you are developing a Web application, you need .gif or Png icons.

5.Why are no BMP-files included in the collections?
The reason is simple: BMP does not support translucency Since translucency is part of the icons' visual experience, we decided not to include BMP files.

6.Are your Windows icons compatible with XP,98 and 2000 at the some time?
Yes. All Windows icons we produce are compatible with older Windows versions up to Windows 95.

7.Can I get vector based versions of the icons?
The Guiicons icons are only sold as bitmap graphics. We may add larger versions of the icons to the business collections in future, but the release of vector based images is not planned. If you're custom icons, may provide Source files are available for additional $30 fee per icon

8.Where can I find the license agreement?
When you buy business icon collections you will get a non-exclusive license of the icons to use in your projects. You can find license agreement at the right of the collections page.

9.Where can I purchase the icons?
In the collections page simply click on the "Buy Now" button and a follow the payment instructions.

10.Can I purchase individual icons?
NO. We only sell complete business collections. This way we can offer the icons at very low prices.

11.What is the price if I order several icon formats/sizes?
The price of $60 includes serveral formats or sizes. Just tell us which formats or sizes do you need and we will make them for no extra.

12.Is the price $60 for one icon?
The price is $60 for one artwork,However,if you need few sizes or format, that's free

13.I'm the poor shareware developer. Can I have some icons for cheap or for free?
We have such experience of giving away the icons to the shareware makers. We have send the icons, but didn't receive neither the promised links nor promised money. We decided to stop this kind of charity; we're going to make some icons for free to let Windows users customize their desktops. Please don't ask us when next icons collections will be released. It depends on the amount of orders we get and on the amount of time we will have.

14.What payment methods do you accept?
We accept the following methods of payment: VISA,Mastercard,American Express,Discover,Eurocard,if you need other payment methods,please contact us via


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