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  Price: From $59.95, royalty free
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Publisher: Miš i Pile, Croatia
Added: Wed Jan 18 2006
Updated: Thu Jun 14 2007


Q: What is iconfish?
A: iconfish is a service provided by Miš i Pile, design studio from Croatia. The purpose of this service is to provide only the top quality royalty-free icon sets to the general public, with a specific target to designers, software and web developers.

Q: What makes iconfish icons stand out from the competition?
A: iconfish is the pioneer and probably still the one and only online stock icons collection which provides only the best quality, stunning stock icons in completely new way - in various vector formats. This way, we do not limit developers only to a fixed-size icons, that cannot be resized, rotated or manipulated in any other way. By offering vector stock icons at no extra charge we give developers the solution that will let them use their creativity to the extent.

Q: What advantages does vector format have compared to bitmap (standard) format?
A: Vector graphics is creation of digital images through a sequence of commands or mathematical statements that place lines and shapes in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional space. One advantage of vector graphics over bitmap graphics (or raster graphics) is that they makes it possible to change any element of the picture at any time since each element is stored as an independent object. Another advantage of vector graphics is that the resulting image file is typically much smaller than a bitmap file containing the same image. And, the most important factor is that our icons, created in vector graphics format can even be dynamically rotated, skewed, resized or manipulated in any other way without fear of getting the unwanted pixelation effect or problems with antialiasing on any background.

Q: In which formats/sizes are icons available?
A: Any. That is probably the best answer we can give to this question. Unlike other stock icons providers, we pride ourselves with stock icons that can be scaled from as small as 8x8 pixels (or less) to billboard sizes (exceeding few metres/feets in size!) without any quality loss, granulation or pixelation effect happening. Because of these facts, we deliver our stock icons in vector formats and developers can choose which format they require for their project themselves. We do not want to limit you with some "standard", pre-made sizes.

However, due to popular demand for instant availability of our stock icons collections in various bitmap (raster) formats we made our icons available in various formats. The newest collections are available in 32-bit PNG, 8-bit GIF, Windows XP ICO and MacOS X ICNS formats. These formats are available from as big as 256x256 down to only 16x16 pixels in size. File formats in older collections depend on per case basis, but we are working on the upgrade to all existing collections.

Q: Can I "test drive" your icons to see if all that about vectors is true?
A: Of course you can. We encourage you to download eight sample icons from Quadrata collection in vector formats: AI (Adobe Illustrator), FLA (Macromedia Flash), and XAR (Xara X1); aswell as in 32-bit PNG, 8-bit GIF, Windows XP ICO and MacOS X ICNS formats and try them out. Samples of other stock icons collections are available on their collection pages. Most graphic design applications will support these formats, but we recommend: Macromedia Studio including Macromedia Flash and Macromedia Fireworks, Xara X1 and Adobe Illustrator applications for vector formats manipulation.

Q: What are the costs?
A: Currently, our stock icons collections are sold at costs ranging from $59.95 up to $99.95 USD per collection. Even though quality of our stock icons collections is exceptional, we pride ourselves for offering stock icons collections at affordable costs for every developer.

Recently, we made unbelieveable offer to purchase four collections: Vectoria, Circula, Circula2 and Minicon for just $149.95 USD (saving over 50%!). For that amount you get only the highest quality, stunning icons in various vector and bitmap formats.

Q: When I purchase collection, do I own it?
A: After purchasing and paying for the collection, you may freely use it for your projects. However, in order to protect our author rights, you must agree with License Agreement prior purchasing the license for our stock icons collections.

Q: I need "standard" Windows and MacOS icons. Help me!
A: Even though we pride ourselves for providing stock icons collections in vector formats our newest collections are available in Windows XP ICO and MacOS X ICNS format, in sizes ranging from 128x128 down to 16x16 pixels.

While we are still working on a solution for MacOS users for older collections, due to popular demand we have additional Windows XP ICO set for use in Microsoft Windows applications. Icons are available in 16x16, 24x24 32x32 and 48x48 size in both, 256 color (8-bit) and true color (32-bit) version.


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