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  Price: Free/Open Source
  Rating: 4.67 (3 votes)   Rate It!  
Publisher: Walhalla Publicaties
Version: 0.99
Language: PHP
Added: Fri Jan 27 2006
Updated: Fri Jun 08 2012

Description: Hand over the code and still sleep well
POBS stands for PHP Obfuscator/Obscurer. It is a free and open PHP program that makes PHP sourcecode almost impossible to read and edit for normal humans. It is a simple way to protect your PHP sourcecode from people who would like to adjust it or who would like to know its workings. Now you can deploy your application and feel pretty safe about it.

How it works
POBS works by replacing User-defined functionnames, variables and constants with a MD5 key of 8 characters. POBS writes new "encrypted" sourcecodefiles and doesn't need a decripter. It really removes information that humans would like to have but computers don't care about. It's not ideal but quite a good option in my idea.


    * No libraries or decoders needed for deployment
    * Irreversible encoding
    * Hard to reverse-engineer (for humans and/or machines)
    * Cross-platform, cross PHP version
    * Open Source, so it can be adjusted to your own needs
    * Works seamlessly with PHP cachers like APC and ZEND Cache
    * Works with Zend Encoder (although you probably don't need it anymore)

Share your experiences and thoughts
In order to make POBS more userfriendly, secure and feature rich, you are invited to share your experiences with us. You can use the guestbook or email. 


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