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MemTronic's HTML/JavaScript Cruncher-Compressor
  Price: Free (online)
  Rating: 6.70 (13 votes)   Rate It!  
Publisher: MemTronic
Added: Fri Jan 27 2006
Updated: Thu Dec 01 2016
Supported browsers: IE 5.5+ / NS 7.0 / Firebird 0.7 / Opera 7.22

Description: What it is good for:

  • The HTML/JavaScript Cruncher (also known as squeezing):
    Removes whitespace and comments in ALL your JavaScript-Blocks, Style-Sheet-Blocks, HTML-Blocks.
    This results in Bandwidth-Savings between 20% - 50%. (Depends on use of comments and style)
    The entire file will work like any uncrunched file. (Search-Engines and users still can parse the code)
  • The HTML/JavaScript Compressor:
    Compresses the entire file with a REAL compression-scheme! (Auto-DeCompression added to file)
    (detects: pure JavaScript, pure HTML/CSS or HTML/CSS mixed with JavaScript).
    This results in Bandwidth-Savings between 40% - 90%. (NO joke! ...seriously tested)
    Besides the META-Tags (which are always kept untouched) the file is NO LONGER PARSEABLE by any Search-Engine or user! (Compressing .js files is ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA! ...hehe)
  • The HTML/JavaScript Obfuscator (not finished yet):
    Obfuscates (scrambles) all JavaScript-Code so that it is no longer readable by human beings.
    This results in additionally reduced size (short replace) or absolutely hard to read code (long replace)
    The entire file will work like any unobfuscated file.
    (Search-Engines still can parse the HTML-code BUT NO ONE can simply STEAL YOUR JS-CODE! ...hehe)


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