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ASP Expert Obfuscator
  Price: $20
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Publisher: Marcel A. Hug Informatik GmbH
Version: 1.0
Added: Fri Jan 27 2006
Updated: Fri Jan 27 2006

Description: [[Note: after clicking "Product Website", go to "Software/ASP Expert Obfuscator"]

Protect your intellectual property by obfuscating your ASP-Source Code, so that the code remains executable on the IIS server, but cannot be changed or extended by your customers.

ASP Expert Obfuscator 1.0 is the only tool that applies an XMLHTTP based self test to every asp file changed. This is made to guarantee, that the resulting code will always be perfectly running.

ASP Expert Obfuscator 1.0 is written in ASP itself, it consists of one ASP script only which contains all necessary methods and data. Just copy the obfuscate.asp file to the base folder of your ASP application and start it in the browser.
Feature List

This functionality is supported:

  • Can be started directly in the base folder of your application.
  • Supports include file resolution and include file merging.
  • Can change the name of the ASP start file to any other name. (e.g. default.asp -> xyz.asp).
  • Can change the name of all other ASP files as well (e.g. setup.asp -> dfdIereDAFdda.asp).
  • Eliminates all code indents or adds indents by random number.
  • Eliminates unnecessary code statements (empty lines, <%%>, etc.)
  • Replaces the names of all VBScript- and Javascript functions with random names.
  • Translates HTML-formatting into VBScript response.write commands, to make HTML forms unreadable       by any HTML editor .
  • Allows you to replace any code statement with any other one by use of regex statements.
  • Blows up existing files with up to 1000% garbage code.
  • Creates up to 1000 additional ASP files, having names built on base of existing file names.
  • Encodes ASP files automatically based on Microsofts ASP script encoder.
  • Logs every program step in a dedicated, method-specific log file.
  • Checks all changed files for errors with the XMLHTTP object. Performs a file roll-back, if an error is being detected, to       guarantee well working code after all methods have been applied.


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