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Advance VZwig HTML Editor
  Price: $399.00
  Rating: 7.20 (10 votes)   Rate It!  
Publisher: HandShake InfoTech
Version: 1.0
Language: C#
Added: Mon Jan 30 2006
Updated: Tue Aug 26 2008
Supported browsers: IE

Description: VZwig HTML Editor 1.0 is an editor control for .Net WinForms applications. Completely written in C#, it is small in size. Unlike other editors, it does not require mshtml.dll, yet is fully compatible with Internet Explorer. The code is beautified internally, as no mshtml code is needed.

VZwig HTML editor 1.0 has completely rewritten .Net like Application Protocol Interfaces. The interfaces are simplified and improved. It provides full programmatic access to documents and all elements, as well as their properties. Documents can be accessed through XMLDocument based interface.

We offer VZwig in two versions: Complete version and Abridged version. Complete version supports Visual Studio.Net 2003/2002 (framework: 1.0 and 1.1) whereas abridged version just supports Visual Studio.Net 2003 only (framework: 1.1). Both versions provide full support to HTML 4.0. In addition, we have an editor for the tag OPTGROUP. [This element defines an option group, thereby allow you to group choices.] It also supports Toolbox control, a crucial part of Visual Studio.Net designer which contains items that can be dragged onto a design view. It has enhanced printing capabilities because of full printer template support.

All Dynamic HTML events are available as .Net events. Event handling is flexible and can be done by either of the following ways: By hovering mouse over element, using key or mouse click for selection and so on. The elements used are native .Net objects for simple handling. It is also possible to get element related lists, i.e. current, parents or child/children.


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