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Asbru Web Content Management
  Price: $180+
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Publisher: Asbru Ltd.
Version: 6
Language: ASP, PHP, JSP/Java
Added: Tue Sep 26 2006
Updated: Wed Sep 27 2006
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 4+, Firefox 0.7+, Mozilla 1.3+, Safari 2.0.1+
Requirements: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix or Macintosh (OS X)

Description: Asbru Web Content Management is an easy to use out-of-the-box web content management solution. It is used for Internet and intranet websites by a wide range of customers from individuals, over small and medium-sized organisations, to large multinational organizations as well as web hosting service providers. The system comes in different editions with varying levels of functionality. The Personal Edition for a single website administrator offers customisable templates, reusable content elements, media library and the possibility to create membership areas on a website. The Professional Edition for an unlimited number of website administrators offers the same functionality as the Personal Edition plus website content staging, revision history, advanced access restrictions, multi-lingual/multi-version website content and micro-websites. The Hosting Edition is an Internet and Application Service Provider system with support for multiple independent customers each with their own website. All editions of the system enable users to modify content through an advanced WYSIWYG editor, to output content in XHTML format and to create RSS channels. Extra functionality can be added with a number of add-on modules. Available add-on modules include an e-commerce module with product catalogue and shopping cart, a community module with discussion forums, a database add-on module for collecting and publishing custom data and a statistics add-on module. The system is delivered with the full, open program source code for unlimited customization and integration with other systems by partners, end-users and third-party developers. It runs on most major web platform operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix or Macintosh (OS X)), programming languages (ASP, PHP and JSP/Java) and databases (Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL).


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