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Home : Developer Resources : Code Compression & Encryption : Encrypt4Web

  Price: $199+
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Publisher: Maya Team INC
Version: 1
Language: php
Added: Sun Oct 08 2006
Updated: Thu Oct 12 2006
Supported browsers: All
Requirements: php

Description: Do you store personal user data? Do you need to encrypt your website data ? Are you looking for an affordable solution? Now you can encrypt your data without worrying about others who might want to copy or steal your information. With Encrypt4Web V1.0, you can protect any data to make them unreadable by other people. Encrypt4Web allows you to quickly and securely encrypt any type of data to protect not only your intellectual property,but also sensitive information such as database passwords and functionality. Encrypting your sensitive information is no longer an expensive or painful task... Encrypt4Web V1.0 uses a unique "key" encryption method to encrypt your copy of the software. Along with proven as well as unique encryption algorithms, Encrypt4Web V1.0 offers ultimately stronger security for your data. Without an unlock key, your code is virtually indecipherable and untouchable. Encrypt4Web V1.0 offers you the best user-friendly encryption power without being complicated. Encrypt4Web uses advanced encryption standards, with unique algorithm cryptography - No more worries, store data securely !


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