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  Price: 149.00
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Publisher: rtePad
Version: 1.0
Language: Javascript
Added: Mon Sep 10 2007
Updated: Mon Mar 14 2011
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 5+, Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9.0+, Apple Safari 1.3+
Requirements: A compatible web browser


About rtePad

rtePad is the easiest, most flexible rich text editor available, with full support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+, Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9.0+, Apple Safari 1.3+. There should also be full support for all Mozilla based editors (Mozilla, Flock, Netscape, etc etc)

rtePad has been developed using 100% DHTML and Javascript. This means that unlike other popular rich text editors which rely on other scripting languages to offer full functionality, rtePad is ready to use out of the box and does not require any special plugins or server requirements and is compatible with ANY server side language. rtePad also generates 100% XHTML compliant markup regardless of which web browser is being used.

rtePad can be easily integrated into any existing software such as forums or content management systems, or your own application with no programming knowledge required*!

Highlights & Benefits

Fast and Lightweight

  • The smallest and fastest rich text editor available with no sacrifice in features, with more features being added each update!
  • Less than 100KB Zipped for the entire package!
100% Javascript & DHTML
  • No Additional Components needed to use rtePad. All that is needed is a web browser.

Paste content from Microsoft Word

  • Ability to paste content from Microsoft Word whilst removing all word specific markup.
Localization Support
  • Ability to change the language of the editor. All tooltips, labels and buttons can be changed.

Cross Browser compatible

  • Works in all widely used web browsers on Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX & Linux distributions, Including Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+, Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9.0+, Apple Safari 1.3+.

Easy Implementation

  • Very simple to integrate into your web applications, no programming knowledge required*.
Integration Examples are included for:
  • ASP
  • PHP
  • ColdFusion

Powerful Customisation Options

  • The ability to completely change the layout and look and feel of the editor without any programming knowledge required.

Insert Flash/Video Objects

  • The only editor available that will preview flash files or videos from third parties such as Google Video or YouTube within the editor without the need to use placeholders.
*No programming knowledge is required, however some simple HTML knowledge is recommended but not necessary.


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