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JavaScript / Wysiwyg Editor
  Price: Free and Commercial licenses
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Publisher: BluesShoes
Language: JavaScript
Added: Fri Mar 04 2005
Updated: Wed Mar 12 2008
Supported browsers: I.E. 6


Browser-based wysiwyg editor, html editor and text editor. Using JavaScript and DHTML, no java or plugin needed.

It's a great frontend to edit data for a user with no or limited html knowledge.


  • Use the editor for browser-based wysiwyg editing of html code
  • And/or to edit HTML code
  • Or as plain text editor
  • Direct integration into your website using the toolbar as shown in example 2
  • Text formatting like bold/italic/underline and much more.
  • Colors with color selector.
  • Select special characters.
  • Inserting and edit images and links (with image selector).
  • Copy/paste text, for example from ms office (word etc). Advanced paste handling: pasting of text with markup can be restricted.
  • Resize the editor (can be disabled, can define maximal width and height)
  • Can be directly used as form field. Also see the Bs_Form package.
  • Draw the editor into a div, or use an existing textarea field that will be replaced. This way it's 100% backward and non-js compatible; an old browser just sees the textarea field.
  • Customize the editor area using a css styles string or a css file.


  • Internet Explorer 6 or above is needed.
  • It could be updated to work with ie5.5.
  • Most of this could be done mozilla-compatible. But it's a lot of work...
  • Nothing serverside is needed. Example 1 uses a serverside image browser that's written in PHP. You can do such a thing in your preferred language.


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