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Home : Web Software Components : WYSIWYG Editors : wysiwyg_web_edit

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Language: ActiveX
Added: Mon Mar 07 2005
Updated: Sat Nov 22 2008
Supported browsers: Netscape 4.76+, Internet Explorer 5.0


The wysiwyg_web_edit is a web-based WYSIWYG HTML editor dessigned to generate HTML code directly from a browser in a WYSIWYG view, so you don't need to know HTML to use it. You can easily embed it in your web pages and use it with both Netscape and Explorer.

(wysiwyg_web_edit has been developed by Universitat Internacional de Catalunya's software team starting with the contributions of Fernando Álvarez -

wysiwyg_web_edit consists in an ActiveX control (Dhtmled.ocx) supplied in the standard installation of Explorer 5.0 or higher, which is run on Netscape using a plug-in specifically dessigned to run ActiveX controls on Netscape. (This plug-in has been developed by Esker Software ( and it is a free distribution software. Read chapter '1.- Installation' of document Readme_english.txt for further information).

Moreover, it has a toolbar which act on the edition area using JavaScript code. This code acts on the ActiveX control through the plug-in, controlling what is displayed in the edition area. Thus, edition is completely WYSIWYG and really comparable to the most common text editors.(Even the cut, copy and paste functions are OLE compatible so you can paste typical office objects as datasheets or formatted text.)

The available functionalities until now are:

  • New Document.
  • Save (trough a JavaScript function defined by the programmer or by submit of the content to a server-page).
  • Copy, Cut and Paste : OLE compatible, so you can paste datasheets tables and formatted texts.
  • Undo and Redo: you can undo and redo actions at will.
  • Find: find a string in the text.
  • Links generation.
  • Images insertion
  • Background colour of the document.
  • Tables insertion.
  • Functions to manage the table: add a row or a column, delete a row or a column, add and delete cells, combine and divide cells.
  • Formatted text: text font and size, text colour and foreground colour, bold, italic, underlined.
  • Paragraph align: left, right, centered.
  • Numbered and non-numbered lists.
  • Indent and unindent blocks.


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