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SPAW Editor
  Price: Free and Commercial licenses
  Rating: 7.78 (22 votes)   Rate It!  
Publisher: Solmetra
Version: 2.0.4
Language: PHP or
Added: Mon Mar 07 2005
Updated: Mon Jun 11 2007
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5+, Gecko based (Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape), Opera 9 or higher


SPAW Editor v.2 is a web based WYSIWYG HTML editor control. It is a replacement for standard HTML textarea fields for rich text content editing. Version 2 builds on great widely acclaimed features of the first version but includes lots of exciting new features and improvements

Major New Features in SPAW Editor v.2

Tabbed Multi-document Interface

Version 2 introduces new industry unique tabbed multi-document interface feature. Now you can edit virtually unlimited number of HTML snippets in a single WYSIWYG instance. This can save a lot of screen space, unnecessary scrolling and loading time compared to other solutions where you have to load as many WYSIWYG instances as HTML snippets you want to edit.

Floating/Shared Toolbars

Multiple instances of SPAW Editor v.2 can be controlled by a single toolbar. This toolbar can either be attached to one of the instances or float around the screen. This way you can save loading time and achieve a better level of integration of the editing area into complex designs (no toolbar overhead)

Resizeable Editing Area

Users can resize editing area of the editor both vertically and horizontally. Resizing directions could be controlled by the developers as well as users or disabled altogether. Content editors are able to see as much (or as little) content as they wish.

Modular Architecture

One of the main problems in SPAW v.1 was that it was very difficult to extend the core functionality. SPAW Editor v.2 was designed with extendability in mind. Rich API is available for developers allowing to extend the functionality to whatever your needs are. Publicly available plugins developed by Solmetra as well as 3rd parties will be posted to our plugin page.

Other Notable Features:

  • SpawFM - universal file manager plugin used across the various parts of the editor
  • Support for Opera browser in addition to Internet Explorer and Gecko based browsers (Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, etc.)
  • Theme (skin) support.
  • Multi-language support. More than 30 languages included with core distribution
  • Context menu providing access to currently accessible functions
  • and more


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