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Advanced Content Editor
  Price: $69.95
  Rating: 4.67 (15 votes)   Rate It!  
Publisher: YUSASP
Language: JavaScript & DHTML
Added: Mon Mar 07 2005
Updated: Mon Mar 30 2015
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 5.0+


Advanced Content Editor is an extremely powerful Web-based WYSIWYG Content Authoring & Editing tool that allows you to create online HTML editing application for real time web content publishing.

Advanced Content Editor is an independent client-side code that is easy to integrate into any system. It is not an integral part of any specific content management system. You can use it for your own custom web application & attach the editor as many as you wish in a web/html page (as a Textarea replacement).

Feature List

  • Easy Implementation for Developers. Allows you to add an online HTML editing functionality that works with standard HTML form.
  • No downloadable ActiveX control or DLLs required. It's 100% Script ! ... (using DHTML & Javascript)
  • Comes with WYSIWYG Word-like interface and equipped with nice toolbar buttons.
  • Provides extremely powerful HTML editing features & functionality (see Detailed Features).
  • Can be used to maintain/edit Database records as well as physical HTML files on the server.
  • Bundled with FREE sample projects to show you how to create, edit and maintain online content using just a browser.
  • Comes with Extensive Documentation on setting up & customising the editor so you can easily integrate the editor into your existing web content management system.

Royalty Free Distribution
Once you purchase a license you may customize, embed and distribute the source code within your application, royalty free. You may use it for any purposes, both personal or commercial.

Advanced Content Editor vs the Competitors
Although there are other commercial products on the market, ACE outshines and out performs all these products in costs, ease of use and deployment, rich in functionality, professional look and feel but most of all, flexibility for users to customise without restrictions.


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