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IE Editor for Zope
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Added: Wed Mar 09 2005
Updated: Tue Jun 01 2010
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer

Description: IE 5 and above has a good DHTML Editing Control. This helps you to edit your documents in a WYSIWYG mode and is fully copy-paste aware. Once I get time, I would like to make this an HTML Application (HTA) and provide plugins for Zope, ASP or PHP - that should also help in removing the hard-coding of some items. I should probably make use of MSHTML control since DHTML Editing Control used in this is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Please note that this is not a standalone product like other Zope products. It is just a piece of code that you can add on to other products, if you choose to.

The code I wrote initially was with multiple include files, keeping it sane (IMO). In this downloadable version, all the code is in one huge JS file, it is ugly, but it works. If I ever get around to cleaning this, I promise to post it too :-). I chose to write my own editor instead of the IEMethod product available at (see that code for a very clean implementation) mainly because I can't understand how client side browsing of images and links are going to be useful, instead of server-side one. Also, seeing that this is such a head-ache provoking Javascript, I wanted to write it once, and tie it up to all my ZClasses.


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