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Language: JavaScript
Added: Wed Mar 09 2005
Updated: Thu May 27 2010
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape

Description: NetWedit is an experimental WYSIWYG editor written as a JavaScript library and is designed to be plugged into Web forms. A precursor to RTWedit.

The need for such a tool arose for a particular project, an online teaching database for the Theology Faculty at the University of Oxford, where Faculty staff with no knowledge of HTML needed to format various information via Web forms ready to be stored in a database. Staff work on a variety of machines, including Apple Macs. So a cross-platform approach was needed.

Eventually a simple client-side approach was adopted using JavaScript. Although there are plenty of DHTML scripts for IE, at that time there appeared to be nothing comparable for Netscape, at least not for version 4 or 6, which is what many were using. So NetWedit was developed to try and fill the gap. This is still very much a prototype, so comments are most welcome by email to Paul Trafford (address available from Contact page).

Another tool has been developed for more recent browsers based on the Gecko Rendering Engine, e.g. Mozilla 1.3+ and also for IE/Win - called RTWedit. It has a similar interface, but also the ability to edit in the box, copy and paste etc.


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