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skyWriter Visual Editors
  Price: Free
  Rating: 1.75 (8 votes)   Rate It!  
Added: Wed Mar 09 2005
Updated: Thu Feb 07 2008
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer or Mozilla (two versions)

Description: SkyWriter visual editors are feature-rich and the most cost-effective through-the-web (TTW) editors available today. They provide cross-browser (XB) and cross-platform (XP) support and are free of all license fees and per-seat or per-user charges.

Users of your content management system (CMS), knowledge management (KM) or document management (DM) systems and e-learning applications can work from any web browser. skyWriters are as easy to use as dedicated desktop visual editors like Microsoft Front Page. But there are none of the costs of shrink-wrap software and no software installation required on desktop and laptop computers. Everything is done over the web.

Until Mozilla 1.1, true cross-platform WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") visual editing in the browser was only available from Java-based solutions, most of them closed, proprietary, and expensive. The one Java open-source WYSIWYG editor is not yet ready for prime time. When it is, we will add it to our line of skyWriters.

There are currently two skyWriters, one compatible with Internet Explorer 5 or later, the other with Mozilla 1.1 (and future Netscape browsers) or later.

Both skyWriters work with our skyWriter Text Editor (the non-WYSIWYG interface for skyBuilders timeLines Enterprise Management System) which provides Text-to-HTML conversions, URL capture, HTML Tutorials and Templates, CSS Style Sheet Templates, Portal Frameset Templates, HTML and CSS Validation, and HTML Tidy.


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