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DateRange Calendar  

Price: $5  -  Browsers: Internet Explorer 5.5+

DateRange Calendar enables you easily add a Date or Date-range choice object to your Web-page or Form. This calendar is entirely written with JavaScript, and no server scripts are need. This program is based on Dynamic HTML (DHTML) behaviors with CSS. [ more info... ]

dhtmlxCalendar :: Ajax DatePicker  

Rating: 8.00 (1)  -  Price: GPL, $49  -  Browsers: FF, IE, Safari, Opera

Fully customizable DHTML JavaScript calendar. Lightweight, cross-browser, easy-to-use. Can be used as a popup datepicker or a flat calendar. [ more info... ]


Rating: 1.00 (1)  -  Price: Free  -  Browsers: Javascript capable

HiCalendar is a free, very easy to install / user friendly 'date selection calendar' script - it enables your users to select the month and year, displaying days accordingly. [ more info... ]

Javascript Calendar Example  

Rating: 9.83 (6)  -  Price: Free  -  Browsers: All except Mac IE 5

Here are some examples of using the javascript calendar control. It is available with either up down controls for the month/year or drop downs and input boxes. Note that the source is the same for each one, just the parameters passed in are different. [ more info... ]

Javascript Date Selector  

Price: £25 (free version available)  -  Browsers: PC (WinXP) IE 4+ (Windows), IE 5.1+ (Mac), Netscape 4.78/7, Firefox 1.04, Opera 7.53, Safari

Say goodbye to clumsy date fields on forms! See for yourself how easy it is for users to pick dates using the various demo date pickers. [ more info... ]


Rating: 1.00 (1)  -  Price: $25  -  Browsers: Tested on IE and Netscape

Our version of date input control with visual input from calendar. This control is based on JavaScript code and was tested on Netscape and IE platforms. It is fully customized through CSS file. [ more info... ]

Popup Calendar  

Rating: 5.50 (2)  -  Price: Free  -  Browsers: JavaScript capable

Popup Calendar is a client-side script that opens a window containing a simple calendar. The calendar allows you to browse through to any month you like. [ more info... ]

Popup Datepicker  

Price: $10  -  Browsers: IE6, Netscape 6.

After searching some time for a popup date picker for a project, I realised that I am unable to find one which at the same time has a layout that caught my eyes, and one that can fulfill the minimum requirement of cross browser compatibility... [ more info... ]


Price: From $149 (free demo version)  -  Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox, Safari, Konqueror, and Opera

RichDatePicker™ v1.6 provides an advanced user interface for date and time selection for the ASP.NET platform and includes extensive and unique features for building form-based rich, scalable and secure web applications. [ more info... ]

Ricom Popup Calendar  

Price: £5  -  Browsers: IE 5+/6+, NN 6+/7+, Mozilla 0.9, Opera 5+/6+/7+

This calendar can be made to popup on clicking a link, or made permanently visible. Easy to configure, you choose the format of the resulting date. [ more info... ]

The DHTML / JavaScript Calendar  

Rating: 8.73 (11)  -  Price: Free  -  Browsers: I.E. 5.0+ (Windows), Mozilla, Netscape 7.x, Mozilla FireFox, Konqueror 3.2+ (Linux), Opera 7+

The DHTML / JavaScript Calendar, a cool, cross-browser, CSS-driven DHTML Calendar. 8 color themes, including 3 Win2k-like (3D) themes and one using the system colors. Free under GNU LGPL. [ more info... ]

Tigra Calendar  

Rating: 9.00 (1)  -  Price: Free and Commercial versions  -  Browsers: MS IE 4+, Netscape 4+, Mozilla 0.9+, Opera 5+, AOL 4+

Tigra Calendar - Popup timestamp picker is JavaScript applet that makes it easy for your visitors to fill out the date/time field(s) of your form, by selecting the date from a popup calendar. [ more info... ]

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