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Inside Technique WYSIWYG HTML Editor  

Rating: 5.00 (5)  -  Price: Free  -  Browsers: Internet Explorer

A textarea with an "popup" edit bar. Submitted as a part of an article on building browser-based WYSIWYG editors. [ more info... ]

JavaScript / Wysiwyg Editor  

Rating: 5.07 (14)  -  Price: Free and Commercial licenses  -  Browsers: I.E. 6

Browser-based wysiwyg editor, html editor and text editor. Using JavaScript and DHTML, no java or plugin needed. It's a great frontend to edit data for a user with no or limited html knowledge. [ more info... ]

JSpell IFrame  

Rating: 1.00 (2)  -  Price: $195 and up  -  Browsers: Internet Explorer

An IFrame lets developers create WYSIWYG HTML editors. These editors are sometimes known as contentEditable IFrames. JSpell IFrame is an add on which enables spell check capabilities within these controls. [ more info... ]


Rating: 1.00 (1)  -  Price: EUR 149  -  Browsers: Internet Explorer 4+, Netscape 4+, Mozilla 1.x, Safari 1.2

JWebEdixx is a Java 2 HTML editor applet. <textarea> fields in HTML documents can be replaced with JWebEdixx, allowing text formating capabilities as with a word processor. HTML serves as the in- and output format. JWebEdixx is ideal for content man [ more info... ]


Rating: 7.90 (10)  -  Price: $99 and up  -  Browsers: Internet Exploer 6+, Mozilla 1.4+, Firefox 1.0

You need to edit web content fast and keep a professional look for your site. KTML offers easy content formating, advanced table and image manipulation features and a live property editor similar to Dreamweaver to ease your work. KTML supports most platfo [ more info... ]


Rating: 6.33 (6)  -  Price: Free  -  Browsers: Mozilla, Netscape, and Internet Explorer

Kupu is a 'document-centric' open source client-side editor for Mozilla, Netscape and Internet Explorer. Inspired by Maik Jablonski's Epoz editor, it was written to improve the JavaScript code and architecture, pluggability, standards support, support fo [ more info... ]

Midas Demo  

Rating: 5.00 (2)  -  Price: Free  -  Browsers: Mozilla

A demo editor using Mozilla's Midas rich text editing controls. [ more info... ]

Moodsoup HTML-Editor  

Rating: 3.46 (15)  -  Price: Free  -  Browsers: Any flash-capable

This component can provide your clients with a more flexible tool than just the input-textfield for updating pages. It can be built into the back-end of a site to enable your clients to format text and apply links without any HTML knowledge. All they ne [ more info... ]


Rating: 4.50 (4)  -  Price: Free  -  Browsers: Mozilla

Mozile or Mozilla Inline Editor is an in-browser, context-sensitive, XHTML editor that allows a user to edit all or just specific editable sections of any XHTML page from the comfort of his own browser. It can act as the client-side of a content-editing s [ more info... ]

nBit HTML Editor ActiveX  

Rating: 9.67 (3)  -  Price: 69.95  -  Browsers: IE

The nBit HTML Editor ActiveX is a data bindable WYSIWYG HTML edit designer activeX control, allowing its users to create and edit HTML code in a visual format. [ more info... ]


Rating: 3.25 (4)  -  Price: Free  -  Browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape

NetWedit is an experimental WYSIWYG editor written as a JavaScript library and is designed to be plugged into Web forms. A precursor to RTWedit. [ more info... ]

NextAvenue (Dutch only)  

Rating: 5.00 (1)  -  Price: 199,-  -  Browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Mozilla, Netscape

NextAvenue is different, NextAvenue produces Semantic correct HTML. It works completely plugin based and is built on the NextAvenue core; an empty framework. Its functionality is defined in XML. Add, remove, hide or edit features painlessly. [ more info... ]

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