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Need Help with htmlArea v2.03

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Mar 15, 2005, 1:25 PM

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Need Help with htmlArea v2.03

I installed htmlArea v2.03 inside a content management system that did not have a way to edit text entries without the user having to know HTML.
The CMS i installed it into, however, had/has its on way of importing content images into the content.
It requires that the user adds the tag <{xxxxxxxx}> anywhere in the content. (where xxxxxxxx is any name for the image)
The user would then click a "Content Image" button that would then allow them to browse and upload the image into the system.

The problem now is that with htmlArea inserted, the <{ and }> tags are translated into &lt;{ and }&gt; html markup. The resulting effect is that the CMS can no longer read and find any image tag!! Therefore, i have completely eliminated any way for images to be added by the user. Unsure

I could use htmlArea's image insertion tool, but unfortunately it requires for the user to know the location of the image they want to add ............ a complex system of having to teach my user (a complete dumdum) on how to FTP and refer to the file! Mad

I tried to find any hint, in editor.js, of a replacement method that enables the replacement of "<" with "&lt;" and the same for ">" with "&gt;" .

I thought i had it figured when i edited line 612 of editor.js from:
var closingTag = (tagBody.match(/^<\//)) ? true : false;
var closingTag = (tagBody.match(/^\//)) ? true : false;

This however failed. Frown

Hit by a feeling of pure genius inspiration, i further edited Line 639 from:
var matchTag = /<\/?(\w+)((?:[^'">]*|'[^']*'|"[^"]*")*)>/g;
var matchTag = /\/?(\w+)((?:[^'"]*|'[^']*'|"[^"]*")*)/g;

Needless to say, this failed as well!!! FrownFrownFrownFrown

Finally, desperate and frustrated, i have resorted to you good people here inthe forum.

Does anyone know how i can stop htmlArea from replacing these tags when they are entered directly into the textarea.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Mar 28, 2005, 7:42 AM

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Re: [yudaman] Need Help with htmlArea v2.03

I dont know the answer to your question but, as you have not recieved a reply have you tried to upgrade to the


it might have the answer you are looking for??

I read your post because it mentioned CMS and appears I may need that to get htmlarea working