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browse into the image file path

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Apr 6, 2005, 5:31 AM

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browse into the image file path

Dear Reader:

I am using the "htmlarea editor". When isnerting the image the user should type the image path through text field. So the user may get confuse in typing the correct image path.
I am trying to solve such problem by this suggestion:
adding <input type=file ...../> to the insert-image.html file so that I can browse to the file image path whcih can be inserted easily in the browse text field. But how can I auto copy the fileupload path in the textfield at the top, to click ok.

I want to browse and upload file image.At the same time to set image path at the textarea editor.In addition to that i can accept any suggestion!
plz Check the attached insert-image file.

Attachments: insert_image.html (8.58 KB)