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Hex translation of caret (^) symbol in link href URL


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Jun 30, 2006, 9:26 PM

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Hex translation of caret (^) symbol in link href URL Can't Post


I've got a strange problem in HTMLArea version 3. When the editor is displayed, I click the Link button to create a new hyperlink. I enter the following as the URL:

^accountdomain^/custom/file.htm (yes those are carets around the first word)

And then I save the form data to a text file (and it's fine there). When the editor is displayed the next time I enter the screen, it loads the HTML that was saved to the text file, but it somehow has translated the URL in the "a href=" statement and replaced the caret symbols with %5e so it now reads:


Even if I don't bring up the hyperllink dialog, it has changed it (if I switch to HTML code view mode in the editor immediately after loading the form). Now if I simply load the screen and re-save my form to the text file without any changes by the user, it has changed the link in the "a href" statement so it will no longer work when I load it from the text file and display it. My Perl app needs to load the HTML from the text file and then translate special tags to addresses -- one of which is ^accountdomain^ -- but it no longer finds it because of the hex translation of the caret symbol.

I searched the boards, and found some messages that referrered to htmlarea.js and the "htmlEncode" function, but that doesn't appear to be doing this particular translation.

Is there some way to avoid this translation or translate it back to a caret symbol after loading the HTML when the editor is displayed?

-- Vinnie

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